Przywidz-Katarynki airfield


We're glad to invite You to our airfield which is located close to Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

Please feel free to contact us if You have any questions about taxi, accommodation or fuel to Your aircraft.

We're only 2 km from Sport&Recreation Center Przywidz where You can find hotel, restaurant, ski slope, stud farm with horses and many other attractions.

  Basic informations


GPS coordinates: 54°12’56'' N 018°20’21” E      RWY designations: 097° GEO (102° MAG)/277° GEO (282° MAG)


Elevation: 247,00 m AMSL (810 ft)


RWY dimensions: 730 m X 30 m


Flight Instructor

If You have any questions do not hesitate and write to us:



+48 793029737

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